Easter Jamboree hosted by South Side 4 – Ever in Gravois Park!

The 3rd annual Easter Jamboree was held in Gravois Park last Saturday, hosted by South Side 4 -Ever.  Here are some shots looking back to last Saturday highlighting the event.  Special thanks to South Side 4 – Ever, Cherokee Street Reach, C.A.M.P., Yeyo Arts & ALL the people who make this possible.  Enjoy and spread the word of kindness & love!

Music by The Smiley Rays – “A Toast”

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A Party on Cherokee?? No…

WILL there be Mardi Gras on Cherokee Street?? Will the world EVER BE THE SAME? Find out, on some future episode, hopefully, of The Cherokee Scene.





If you are interested in seeing more from The Cherokee Scene, keep us in mind. We have 7 years worth of video and photo documentation of Cherokee Street starting in 2009. It’s been the goal of the documentation to bring current Cherokee Street/Gravois Park/West Benton Park area news, events, music performances, neighborhood meetings/notices/info, etc. etc. to view using the internet to a wider viewing audience. The purpose therein being to show a representation of the area that one doesn’t get the chance to see even on our own local daily news except on special occasion. It is our belief in documenting that having good, growing and prosperous news subjects every day can help a neighborhood’s self-esteem and benefit it’s self-worth instead of continually delivering doom & gloom. So, here’s to an amazing, diverse and amazingly artistic area – full of life as well…

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Yaquis on Cherokee – A fine place to be!

2015, spring is on it’s way!  We’re happy to bring to you another Cherokee Scene.  Yaquis on Cherokee evenings are full of spectacular atmosphere, the best Saint Louis bar staff in the business, the most amazing Neapolitan pizza and the most extensive wine collection available.  And who knows what owner Francis Rodriquez will have up his sleeve for entertainment during the evening.  You will definitely not be disappointed with a visit to Yaquis on Cherokee.  Here’s a sample of what they have to offer, music by: TJ Muller (Trumpet) , Nick Pence (Guitar), Adam Hoskins (Guitar), Matt Meyer (Drums) and Ethan Leinwand (Piano).  Enjoy!  Cover art by Stephen McClenahan.


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Ert Night. Entering it’s 5th year in The Cherokee Art District.

Ert Night was begun in the dungeons of Camp Jessop by genuine South City working artists and the goal and purpose of Ert Night was to give individuals with a common passion for creating, a decent time of week to congregate into one place, create, and exponentially let the flow and inspiration take over. You never know what you’ll find during any one particular Ert Night. You may find painters of all media (on any media), drawers, tinkerers, sculptors, cooks, singers, writers, songwriters, instrument players, video makers, stained glass makers, woodworkers, knitters, massage therapists… The rule for Ert Night is to participate. If you’ve been passionate enough to want to show up, this is your opportunity to create YOUR passion. That’s what the time was set aside for. Ert Nights are free from judgment, ego, exclusivity and negativity. So feel welcomed to show up with your own bag of tricks and get in the groove with a TON of fabulous artists and genuine people. …and don’t forget to tip your bartender. 🙂

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