This is, everyday life, around the Cherokee Art District.  From our perspective.

The Cherokee Scene is a daily reflection of Cherokee Street, the Cherokee Art District and the immediate area in South Saint Louis.  We’ll be covering current events and digging through our archives to bring Cherokee moments out for YOU to see.  Stories we cover may not be only on Cherokee Street but it’ll be within a few blocks.  This blog is Camp Jessop’s version of events, what we see and do in the neighborhood and things we’d like to show YOU.

This site is brought to you by Camp Jessop.  A South City creative incubator.  Feel free to join in any conversation, be vocal about your home & support your local community.  Camp Jessop (Jessop Design Co.) offers services in several fields from interior design and construction, stained glass creation, to interior organizing & consultation.

Additionally we offer video production work including promotional videos for business, crowd funding videos, photography, graphic design/logo creation and promotional media creation, we even have a full time artist on staff to create just about any kind of piece of art you might like to have custom made for yourself or as a gift.

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