The Word on the Street: ArtBar STL

The word on Cherokee Street is that ArtBar STL will be closing it’s doors March 31, 2016.  After just two years the space, the brainchild of Tatyana Telnikova, will serve its final drinks the evening prior to April Fool’s Day.  ArtBar was formed from Telnikova’s vision to have an art gallery/bar fill the void at 2732 Cherokee Street where local artists could congregate, have a sip and invent the future of the Saint Louis art scene.  The bar’s manager, Tom Halaska has always had an interesting event planned for the evenings and kept a lively following or regulars in attendance providing Cherokee Street with colorful and lively acts, open mic nights, Sip & Sketch (live model drawing), art shows and musical acts.  The space itself was designed by Jamie Jessop of Jessop Design Co. in collaboration with Telnikova’s vision of a sharp & classy watering hole for local artists and features a 50 ft. long bar with inset art utensils encased in two-part epoxy.  Under-lit with RGB LEDs, a back bar with curves reminiscent of the Saint Louis arch built on the frame of an up cycled trampoline frame, ArtBar has provided a space of creativity and reflection for many local artists.  ArtBar STL also boasts two large murals, commissioned by Telnikova, by Saint Louis artists Lana Camp and Craig Downs and a 10ft glass mosaic of the solar system created by Saint Louis mosaicist Kathy Rickermann.  Approximately 20 tons of scrap granite harvested from granite fabricator dumpsters around Saint Louis make up the very unique floor that in some ways is the centerpiece of the space.  No word yet as to what the future holds for the space containing ArtBar, according to Telnikova’s personal FaceBook page the bar is no longer viable and closure is the only option.


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