Bernie Sanders speaks at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

On Friday March 4, 2016 Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for the office of President of the United States spoke to a crowd of 5000.   The capacity plus overflow crowd were  very eager to hear Sanders speak about the issues that he supports.  Bernie seems to speak truthfully about the current state of many disastrous affairs currently plaguing Americans from true healthcare reform to requiring multi-billion dollar companies such as Wal-Mart to pay their workers a fair enough wage that many of them will not need to continue to seek assistance from the United States government for support.  This form of wage control currently – mathematically – is impossible in it’s possibility to sustain, even decently, one hard working American Family.  Thus, effectively setting the United States government as the payor of welfare to Wal-Mart.  Make sense?    It does to many and has for far too long.  Bernie now has a campaign office located at 2626 Cherokee Street, right in the heart of the Cherokee Art District in South Saint Louis. Stop by and find out how YOU can help or visit the website at to find out more. Below you can find Bernie’s entire speech from SIUE and enlighten yourself to the new possibilities, enjoy!


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